Hit or miss

“Cuando era niño, mi abuelo me decia que en momentos de grandes crisis el corazon se rompe o se corte. Yo lo miraba sin saber que decir. El me sonria y me decia algo de que todavia hoy me repito cada mañana: “Tranquilo Diego, tranquilo. La suerte esta echada.”

-Diego, ASL

Lately I’ve been struggling what to write in my next blog. #thestrugglewasreal


groundhog3Blogging is a little harder than I expected. I’ve had to write several rough drafts for the past blogs to be able to carry out my thoughts in a structured manner that won’t be so confusing. I confuse myself with my own thoughts because there are so many! You know how the brain is: so many thoughts pop up like little groundhogs who come up to the surface…don’t know why that was the only analogy that I could think of. Anyways, so about a week or so ago, I was feeling a little out of it. Being on vacation always throws me off because I’m so used to following a routine, getting work done and then when the holidays come around or a long break, I’m like “I have to do no work for a few days? But…but…” I know most people are ready to not do anything for these vacation days but I’m just used to being busy all the time! But don’t get me wrong, for several years, I have made sure to enjoy my vacation or days off because why not? You just need those breaks for your body and brain to recuperate.


During my Thanksgiving vacation, I did nothing. But this isn’t the point. During and after my vacation, I had some random encounters with people that made me reflect on humanity. There is a lot of good in this world as there is bad. Normally I do not talk to strangers. Or enjoy being in a big crowd of people so I stay in a corner or anywhere where I feel safe. But working in fast food and retail has taught me a way to talk with strangers. My bosses would always say something along the lines of “when you see a customer, greet them with a smile and ask if they need assistance. Doesn’t hurt to say ‘hello, how are you.” So obviously I did what I was supposed to and tried to give the best customer service that I could.  Then when I became the customer, I found myself smiling and saying to everyone “Hello, how are you” even when I didn’t have to say that to the random strangers passing me in the grocery store.

But you know what?

it didn’t hurt anyone or me to say a simple phrase.

Well, it might hurt a little when you greet a stranger and then they get really creepy. For example, I do remember one instance when I was in downtown Wilmington and made eye contact with someone I shouldn’t have and smiled. I smiled at a homeless person who was asking for money and he began to ask me random questions that made me uncomfortable so my friend and I quickly walked away.

The random encounters I mentioned earlier: one was when I went to run an errand and there was a lady sitting down and a man talking to a lady behind a window. A man was talking about a missed car payment and giving the lady major attitude about it. The lady was just understanding but she was just doing her job and the guy was just rude. He stormed out of the building and the lady sitting down looked at both me and the lady behind the window and said how rude the man was and praised the lady and the business. We all commented on the scene, I did what I needed to do, wished the ladies well and left.

Later on, I went to the shoe store and there was a lady who down the aisle from me trying on some heels and as I walked past her, I told her the heels looked good on her. (they really did! #workit) She told me she was debating on buying on them and I told her that she should if she liked them. The point I’m trying to make is, sometimes saying a simple “hello how are you” or giving a compliment to a random stranger goes a long way. I’m not saying we should tell our children “you need to talk to EVERY SINGLE random stranger you meet!” No, no, no please, safety first with the little ones. And even us adults. But just be friendly and courteous to people you meet. I know, some of us don’t like eye contact or even want to talk to anyone; we all have our busy lives.

But you never know who you meet.

You might get lucky and meet a person who becomes a friend or someone special. Or maybe the person is literally simply just passing through and you might have made their day just by smiling at them. Sometimes a person smiling at us can helps us feel noticed when we feel that no one is looking at you. Not saying that I liked being watched. God no. But it is nice simply to be seen, even for only a moment. Also, even to the people you do interact with on a daily basis like coworkers, classmates, friends, and family, a smile or simple greeting can go a long ways.


These are my random adventures. Some of these small moments in life can truly make the difference. #mindfulness



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